Innovative Construction Technology

All Fusion models are constructed using McLouis’ innovative WPS construction system, a durable wood-free wall manufacturing process which uses high quality insulation materials.

The innovative iTech 4.0 wall system uses synthetic resin that replaces wood as a support material. This increases the durability of the wall and there will be a lower empty weight. Both the inner and outer wall are made of polyester. The polyester outer wall makes the mobile home hail resistant. The polyester inner wall replaces the wooden triplex interior wall that other brands use. Polyester that is mechanically stronger than wood is resistant to dents. Moreover, polyester is water-resistant; it is therefore not affected by a leak or incident rain. The floor insulation at McLouis is 7 cm thick and therefore excellent in winter.

What is WPS?

  1. Total absence of wood
  2. Total waterproofing and higher heat insulation
  3. Highest torsion resistance and more stability
  4. Higher wear resistance and easy maintenance
  5. Lighter and more resistant structure thanks to the use of bi-composite thermosetting resins

The Floor Structure

Wood-free supporting frame. Exclusive design profiles with high strength thermosetting resin composites. Exterior and interior fibreglass coating. Waterproofing, elimination of thermal bridges generated by the wood. Structure made of extruded materials with higher heat insulation. Industrial type assembly to ensure high quality standards.

Side, Rear Walls & Roof

Wood-free supporting frame made of newly designed plastic resins. Fibreglass underbody coupled with non-slip PVC highly resistant to abrasion. Lighter structure and higher mechanical strength than the traditional wooden panels Elimination of thermal bridges generated by the wood with higher heat insulation. Easy maintenance. Frame assembly with soundabsorbing materials for a better soundproofing.

Fibreglass Roof

33mm thick, step-on, anti-hail-bearing structure

Colour Bumper

Front bumper in grey and integrated daylights

Fibreglass Underbody

Maximum resistance against water and atmospheric agents.

Wide Garage Doors

Internal garage height up to 1470mm (model specific)

Lowered Garage Doors

For a more comfortable loading (model specific)

LED Garage Lighting

Fusion 379 Exterior

Fusion 330

Fusion 330 day floorplan Explore the 330

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 day floorplan Explore the 360

Fusion 367

Fusion 367 day floorplan Explore the 367

Fusion 373

Fusion 373 day floorplan Explore the 373
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