For Your Peace Of Mind

When you choose a McLouis Fusion motorhome you have the reassurance of knowing your vehicle has been designed and constructed to give you years of enjoyable, worry free touring. All McLouis Fusion motorhomes are covered by a 2-year habitation and a 5-year water Ingress manufacturer guarantee, plus a 3 Year Fiat chassis warranty*( 3rd year is backed by insurance).

Habitation Guarantee (2 Years)

The guarantee covers the labour and parts supplied to replace or repair those found to be faulty completely free of charge for a period of 24 months from the date of registration of the vehicle.

The guarantee given by the manufacturer only applies when the materials have been used correctly in accordance with the recommendations as shown in the Service Manual that is delivered with each vehicle and with the reservation that these materials have been used under normal working conditions. See warranty booklet information for full details.

5 Year Guarantee On The Water Ingress Of The Body

The 5 year specific guarantee for the water tightness of the bodyshell will come into effect from the date of the registration of the motorhome. This guarantee covers the damages that are due to an abnormal modification of the original bodyshell waterproofing. Only the authorised distributors of the brand are able to decide on the repair or replacement of the faulty elements.

Fiat Chassis Warranty*(3 years)

Fiat provides a manufacturer’s warranty for the base vehicle (as supplied to your dealer) for a period of two years, with the option of an additional 1 year being covered by Insurance. For any issues with the base vehicle in the first two years of the contractual warranty and for the additional year purchased as an extended warranty*** please contact your local Fiat dealer.

Your base vehicle warranty is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the respective chassis manufacturers’ service literature and handbooks supplied with your vehicle. Your vehicle must be serviced in accordance with the chassis manufacturer’s requirements.

Further Information


00800 3428 1111

15 languages - 51 countries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week everywhere in Europe

Travelling with peace of mind and free from worries means that in all places, on every road, roadside assistance can reach you anywhere, thanks to a dedicated, multilingual call centre.

The roadside assistance service for motorhomes on a Fiat Ducato base is free for the first year from the initial registration date.

In the case of unforeseen events* (breakdown, fault, accident, puncture of one or more tyres, flat battery, etc.), the call centre puts you in touch with Fiat Camper Assistance, the roadside assistance team reserved for campervan customers, active in 51 countries 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Also, if necessary, Europ Assistance works as an interpreter and remains in direct contact with the customer until the operation is completed and the campervan starts off again.


1800 Fiat Camper Assistance Workshops 6500 Fiat Authorised Workshops in Europe

The 6500 plus Fiat Professional workshops all over Europe are always at the disposal of Fiat-based motorhomes and, of these, no fewer than 1800 also boast the additional credentials required to be included in the “Fiat Camper Assistance” network.

These are highly specialised workshops which:

  • offer structures with features and dimensions suitable for motorhomes & campervans
  • offer access dimensions, workshop spaces and hydraulic ramps suited to the weight and size of a campervan
  • have a stock of the most useful consumables and original spare parts for recreational vehicles
  • can employ special procedures to reduce intervention times.

* two years of contractual warranty + extended one year warranty at a charge. For more information, restrictions and exclusions, go to www.fiatcamper.com

** Details on www.fiatcamper.com or in the Warranty Booklet

*** Extended one year warranty must be purchased from either Fiat or your dealer within the first two weeks of vehicle registration

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